Print/Complete app triggers not working

I’m beginning to test out apps that are going on a line next week. I’m running into problems at the end where the apps will not complete. The label will print out flawlessly every time but the app will not complete. I’ve had to make a separate trigger to try and complete the apps with the same Inputs (If’s) but even that doesn’t work consistently.

If I have to make a small change to the trigger it will quit working. Hopefully someone has some insight?

hey @DewyWCI, we can certainly help out here.

can you share a screenshot of trigger that has this issue?? thanks!!


I can get the trigger to work but I have to delete the “complete app” portion, save, copy the trigger and delete the print portion, add the app completion, save, Test run the app (developer window), close the test window, go back into the copied trigger and delete it, then last but not least add it back into the original trigger and save then run another test. This is the only way I’ve been able to get the trigger working again. Seems crazy but its working again. Definitely not a long term solution.

I’m just wondering if it’s because a device function is running before the app restarts?

Thanks for the help!

hello @DewyWCI, that could be causing an issue.

furthermore, your instance seems to not have been converted over to Transitions and Apps at Edge yet. these changes include a new interface in the Shop Floor, changes on how Triggers are organized in that you can only have 1 transition (Complete App, Go To Stop etc.) per Trigger, and performance improvements.

would you like me to enable this for your instance?? the only pre-requisite is that there is only 1 Player per Station. if so, DM me your instance URL, I will enable this for your instance and then you will be presented with a wizard that help you convert the apps to include transitions.

this should fix the issue you’re describing above.



What about existing apps that have more than one transition per trigger now? Will the triggers cease to work in the other apps running on my instance?

Also, right now we have one tablet/pc on each “station” (some with gateways and some without). I’ll DM you my instance but could you wait until Wednesday before switching? I’m sure there wont be any problems but just in case.?.?.

Thanks again!

hello @DewyWCI,

the Triggers with more than 1 Transition will need to be modified to only have 1 Transition, the wizard will help you identify those triggers on each of the Apps.

and you can indeed have 1 Gateway and 1 Player per Station.

no problem to wait until Wednesday, let me know when you’d like to go ahead with the change!!

Will do @Gio!

Thank you!

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We can switch over any time you’re ready.


OK @DewyWCI, your instance has been converted over.

you will now see a wizard button (This app needs review) to help you convert your apps. let us know if you have any questions!!


I definitely will if I have any! Thanks again!

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