Release 250 Discussion Thread - April 2023

Factory version 250 is going live at 9PM ET on Sunday, April 9th! For all the details of this release, please check out the page in our Knowledge Base . Lots of new features this week including improvements to the Analytics and Charts, some more language support, and more!

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on this latest release.

Hi @Pete_Hartnett,

I love the “Configure how Triggers respond to previous triggers failing.” change. :+1:

What ist the default for existing apps here? It seems to be on for on step enter triggers and otherwise off?

Maybe thats a good starting point to add an error handling (Stop remaining triggers and execute an error trigger…)

What do you think?

Hey @thorsten.langner -

This behavior differed a bit based on the trigger type (which is part of why we implemented this additional controls)

For Widget Triggers (buttons, interactive table, etc) and Timer Triggers

  • On error, following triggers will run (as the default)

For Step/App enter/exit Triggers (on step enter, on app start)

  • On error, following triggers will not run

This default behavior wasn’t changed, we just added increased control.

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Ability to configure “Stop remaining triggers on error” is good, but I cannot see the configuration in the View mode.
Please let us see the configuration for the old versions of the Apps in the View mode.