Release 261 Discussion Thread - September 2023

Hi Everyone!

Release 261 is packed with exciting new updates, including the rollout of a highly requested feature – support for MQTT as a machine data source. We have also made many updates to improve UI and page loading time to support efficient app management, analytics, and shop floor setup.

View the Full 261 Release Notes Here.

Let us know your thoughts and questions below!


What exactly are “Triggers with Multiple Transitions”? Are they the “On step enter/exit” or the button triggers?

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I guess they are talking about leftover triggers from a long time ago, where the trasitions where not a separate category but regualr actions.
In this era you where able to put multiple actions in one trigger, that are containing a transition.
This is issue prevented for a long time but I guess the old triggers where still supported.

However, thats only a guess.

thank you Thorsten, that would make sense. And seem like this was before my time. :slight_smile:

@thorsten.langner is right here!

About 3 years ago we made a fairly large change to the way triggers can be built. Before this change, transitions (Go to step, go to app, etc) could be added inline with all other trigger actions. This change has been rolled out to all customers for a number of years, but we are just staring the process of notification that we will be deprecating that old functionality in the future.