Triggers On Step Enter

I have been running into some issues with Triggers, specifically “On Step Enter.” Is there a limit on the number of triggers that can be used? I currently have 5 triggers in one step for “On Step Enter” and I have proven that the 5th trigger will not work. I’ve searched for other information on this topic, but didn’t find anything.

hello @dee.brann, welcome to the Tulip Community and thanks for posting!! I do not believe the issue that is causing the 5th Trigger not is caused by the limit on number of Triggers.

just to confirm, do you have a Transition on your 4th Trigger?? a Transition is either:

  • App > Cancel or Complete App
  • Go to Step > “Step Name”

I’m asking as if you were to have this, Triggers following this one will not execute. let us know if this is the issue!!

for reference, here’s a simple app with > 5 Triggers on Step Enter:

There are no transitions in any of these steps. They are only Data Manipulation “Stores”, Run Device Function, or Table Record “Create” or “Load.”

that’s interesting, thanks for sharing. and there are also no If Conditions that could be preventing the 5th Trigger from executing??

do you mind sharing a screenshot of the 4th Trigger and DM’ing me the URL of the Step in the App if you don’t mind??


No IF conditions that would be preventing. It’s interesting to note that it seems that the triggers that are working are also double triggering. I must be missing something.

4th trigger

Trying to see where to send a DM.

I just sent you one @dee.brann (you’ll see a 1 on your profile at the top right)!! feel free to respond there

@dee.brann, I noticed that the 5th Trigger is running a Gateway Function. could you select the Gateway by its Serial Number rather than At This Station??

Yes, but if I move this trigger up into the 4th trigger position, it works fine.

Technically, I don’t really need the gateway anymore, but it still seems strange that the trigger doesn’t work.

that is strange indeed, thanks for providing this additional context.

there are a couple of questions to help the team debug, could you share:

  1. are you seeing any error messages show up in the Player??
  2. if you open Developer > Toggle Developer Tools, do you see any error messages when you open the Step??
  3. are the Triggers always triggering twice or is that only occasionally??
  4. are you running the App from the Player or from Developer Mode??

finally, if you replace (or add) Triggers in the 4th and 6th positions with the following action: Show Message > Static Text > “hello world”, do they show up?? thanks again for your help debugging this!!

gio, some of these questions would be easier to answer on a call.

  • I see no error messages in Tulip Player. I’m running the app from developer mode.
  • I’m unsure if there are error messages in developer tools. That’s new to me. Sorry, I’ve been working with Tulip for only a couple of weeks.
  • The triggers only trigger twice when I leave the app to run ingestion and the return to the app. If the Production Order already exists in the table, we go directly to the Running step and the triggers only trigger once.
  • I added a trigger to show message “hello world”. It works if I add it in step 4, but not in step 5 or after.

Thanks for sticking with me on this one.

Hi @dee.brann, would it be okay if I opened your app and ran these step open triggers to see what’s going on here? Just want to make sure I wouldn’t cause any problems before doing so!

Hi Grant,

Sure, it’s no problem. We are testing now to be ready to deploy early next week. Appreciate all the help so far.

Best regards,