Limit on step triggers

Has anyone noticed that there seems to be a limit on the number of triggers you can put in a step (entry/exit)?
I have one step that did have about 20, and found that any at the bottom of the list >15/16 never execute. No error, no documentation that details this behavior.

Hi Hoss1,

There is a limit of 100 triggers per button press or other trigger starting event. Tulip will show an error if you exceed that limit though. If one of your triggers earlier in a chain does something which may negate a later trigger you might not be notified, the chain of execution will just stop and no further triggers will be activated. I have had this problem before and sometimes it is pretty difficult to track down where things are going wrong. I often create a label that displays a variable and then update that variable at the beginning of each trigger or within triggers to see exactly where things are breaking down.

We’re working with @Hoss1 in a Support ticket here and will report the findings back to Community for other users!

You can open up the developer tools in the player, go to the console, type this in: $T.Debug.debugTriggers = true;
This will display any errors with the triggers and tell you what they are in detail. Can be a little challenging to determine where to look but it has helped me in the past. Other times i have encountered this issue, i put a message that the end of each trigger to isolate which one is causing the problem; sometimes i will have a trigger that for whatever reason will run, but everything after it will not execute (something to do with what that trigger is doing specifically). Moving the proceeding triggers above the problem one seems to work.

Ok, i retract my theory that there’s a limits on triggers.
I used the dev console as suggested above and located the trigger that was causing the error.
It didn’t tell me what was wrong (just ‘Error: Trigger queue cannot be executed’), but i tracked it down to an expression that was evaluating Booleans and realised that i had fallen into the 3-state boolean trap - one of the terms was neither true nor false but blank.

p.s. Chris, is there a list of the dev console commands anywhere? I’ve searched the knowledge base without luck

Hey @Hoss1,

You’re right, right now those commands aren’t published anywhere, but I just added this to the backlog of documents that need to be created.

Great idea. Keep em coming!