Halting Trigger Execution

I have a button with several triggers associated with it. Under certain conditions (incomplete input from other step widgets) I want to avoid firing some or all of the triggers. Besides adding all the conditions to “not fire” to each trigger, is there a way for a single trigger to behave in a manner that would preclude the subsequent triggers from firing? This would allow me to make the check on whether to proceed in a single trigger that either allows or aborts the rest of the button logic.

hey Lance, this is an interesting question!! I’m curious to hear what others suggest.

one way I would think about solving this is by creating a new Step, and having all your Triggers on Step Enter for that Step and then end with a Transition to return to the previous Step. on the Button click, you can define whether or not to Transition to the Step with the Triggers.

do you think this solution could work for you?? let us know!!

@gio Your approach certainly sounds feasible. I’ll have to play with it to see what the user experience is like for transitioning quickly to the step that performs all the logic and then back to the data entry step.
I was wondering if I could do something similar like make the first trigger check for valid setup and if something looks wrong navigate to a temporary step that then navigates back to previous. I just wasn’t sure if that navigation would thwart the subsequent triggers from firing. I’ll play around a bit. Thanks!

OK, thanks for the update @Lance.

it shouldn’t thwart subsequent Triggers. this example that @freedman shared makes use of this technique actually: Quick tips - Looping!

let us know how testing goes!!