Pop - up blocking the contents of step

Complain Tulip
Hi, every time when I open the steps, especially on the one specific step, this warning kinda message often pops up and block the content of the particular step for a couple of seconds?
I want to know why is this pop up often comes and how to solve this situation.

Hi @thulasi.kumaran. Can you share more about the logic that’s causing this notification to occur? Typically there are simple steps you can take to refactor your app or amend the logic in your looping widget (if using) to address the root cause here. Then there will be no pop ups to annoy you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! I could not explain the logic here very much as I’m still a new person to this field. Maybe I’ll share the created trigger step on the particular step. I hope that will bring a light for this one.

If the number of triggers are the problem, is there any way to summarize them in short?

Hi @thulasi.kumaran,

this Button-Trigger is not calling any other triggers. so that seems fine.
Do you also have any Step level Triggers or loops?
The shown error message is something that indicates, that there is a long chain of triggers, that is started by one event. It appears, to prevent you from building endless loops…

e.g. this trigger would create a loop by reopening the “Step A” as long as “counter” is < 510.
If I would not increment the counter each time, the loop would be infinite.
This trigger would create the same issue.