Please explain why you have decided to make error and information popups' automatic disappearance mandatory

This is driving us here absolutely mad. What is the reasoning behind this?

Hi @sebme ,

Sorry to hear the frustration you and your team have been facing!

I want to make sure I understand the issue so that I can share the relevant info from our side. Are you referencing the error toasts and messages that are displayed in the Player? I’m also curious about the ways you are using popups and the kinds of messages you want to always display. Could you share more about your use case?


Hi @ychan164 though I didn’t make the original post I actually just emailed Support about this very concern.

Some of my error messages that I display via triggers are quite lengthy and I want to ensure there is enough time for the user to fully read it. I know on a computer you can hover the cursor over the error to keep it showing however if the user doesn’t notice in time, they will miss it or if they are on a tablet, I’m not sure you can hover over it as there isn’t a cursor.

At a minimum, I’d like the ability to define how long “errors” and “messages” will display to users across my entire instance. Right now it’s like 5 seconds, I’d probably do 10-15 seconds.

A bonus which I think @sebme was getting at would be the ability on to specify Momentary or Persistent within the trigger for errors and messages. Persistent meaning the user has to click OK or X to close the message. I think while a persistent message is showing all other controls on the step should be disabled and the current trigger execution should be paused until the user closes the message. This would basically be a popup window but a simple one with no ability for decisions to be made…only informational.


Hi @doneil
Thanks for adding more context about your usage of the errors and messages. We totally agree with you. There is currently little flexibility with customization of messages in apps. We will revisit your feedback when the team starts to work on these issues.

@doneil explained it well. This is exactly our issue as well. The messages boxes (error or info) at this point are useless to us because the operators will not be able to grasp what is happening due to the fact that they disappear too quickly and cannot be kept visible until confirmed.

Creating separate steps just for this kind of messaging is prohibitive in our apps due to their structure.

They can be used to provide a quick validation notice e.g. when an operator entered some wrong data but that’s about it.

This has been resolved with new Player “toast” settings in Release 276 - April 2024 :tada:

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