Change color of "Show Message" action

Hi, I have a feature request regarding the “Show Message” and “Show Error” actions.
As far as I can tell, the former always displays a yellow message box to the user, and the latter a red message box. It would be helpful to be able to modify the box color as necessary, or at least create a third option for a green box (e.g. “Show Confirmation”).

My specific use for this is running a check on numeric values that the user has entered, and displaying a message telling whether they’re ok or not ok. It would make sense for the message box to show green if the values are okay, and red if they’re not ok - but the best I can figure out how to do with the current options is select between yellow and red. Thanks for considering.

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hello @Dylan, and welcome to the Tulip Community!!

that’s a great suggestion, thanks for posting. a ticket has been created for our Product team to evaluate the suggestion, we’ll keep you posted with updates.

in the meantime, have you attempted to build validation in your app using triggers and color variables to notify Users?? for example, this simple Trigger checks to confirm an email has been input and changes the background color depending on whether or not the input matches the criteria.


postitive result:

negative result:

let us know if this would help in what you’re attempting to build!! and again, welcome to the Tulip Community.

Thanks Gio. I have not worked with the color variables you mentioned yet, but that sounds like a step in the right direction. I’ll see whether it will work with the format of our app, and I look forward to any updates after your team reviews my suggestions.

Thanks for the suggestions Dylan! We’re planning to do an overhaul of the Player notification system at some point the future that will give you more control over the styling and format of the messages, including a clearer distinction between message types like “error”, “warning”, “info”, “confirmation”, etc.


Sounds good. I got one more recent request here from my team: it would be ideal to be able to change the display time for the notification messages. They disappear pretty quickly, and some of our users have resorted to taking photos of the messages so that they have enough time to read them! I don’t think there’s currently an option to lengthen the display time, but that would be great. Thanks for considering.

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Appreciate the feedback Dylan. Do you want that to be customized for each message, or have one setting for the entire account?

display time and color inputs link to variable/static value directly in trigger action will be great


For our purposes, I think customizing the display time at the account or app level would be sufficient. Customizing for each message could also be nice as long as it didn’t add too much setup work when creating each message (e.g. perhaps setting a default for the account and then giving the option to override it when necessary). Thanks Kevin.

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