Adding a "flashing" feature to a message?

hey! Just wondering how I would go about adding a feature that makes my message flash at the user to make it more evident when showing what they currently have selected? Thanks in advance!

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regarding your question, you could add a Timer Trigger that stores different colors in a Color Variable that you then display behind the Variable that the User selects. a Trigger like this will work well:

App Variables:

this will be the resulting App, with the color changing every 1 second:

does this help you in what you’re attempting to build?? let us know!!

Thanks a million @gio! This helps me out a tonne!

happy to hear it @mattsaun, let us know if you have any other questions!!

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Another option would be to store your message into a variable and then use the ‘Blink’ customization option on the variable


Thanks Sarah, this way also works just as well. The messages I wanted blinking are already variables that display a table record so this was super easy. Thanks heaps!

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