[Tip of the Week] Variable Button Colors

hello all!!

this week I wanted to share a useful feature that allows you to dynamically change colors of a button based on a Color Variable in your app, this allows you to build more advanced interfaces that are easier for users to use!! here’s how to do it.

the first thing you’ll need to do is create a Color Variable, in my example I called it Color Variable. optionally you can also add a default color:

following that, you’ll want to dynamically change the button color in a Trigger. I’ve done it when a button is pressed, but you can do it on any Trigger you’d like:

the last thing you’ll need to do is change the button color to be a Variable, and here you can pick the one that was just created:

is anyone using variable color buttons?? if so, share in a post how you’re using them!!

Thanks for your share!

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no problem @mcc6025!!