Trigger for when a variable changes

Trigger for when a variable changes

Hi Michael, can you clarify what you mean by this and say a bit more about your use case? Thanks!

not OP but: when the value of a variable in an app changes, be able to specify Then/Else/Transition block(s)

Hello @melllerbeck do you mean at a the beginning of the trigger so adding to the when dropdown the selection of variable?

Yes, kindof an event handler on the variable. I’ve ran across it in Qlikview is where the idea stems from

n this group you can set actions to trigger on changes in the contents of a specified variable in the document.
Select a variable in the list and press one of the buttons to assign an action to it. The buttons open the Actions page. On this page you can add an action to the trigger. Choose the action macro to assign an existing macro name or type any name for which you later can create a macro in the Edit Module dialog.
When an action has been assigned to the variable, the button changes to Edit Action and you can change the action for the event. The following Variable Event Triggers exist:
The action will be executed each time a new value is directly entered in the selected variable.
The action will be executed each time the value of the selected variable changes as a result of changes in other variables or the logical state of the document. This typically applies when the variable contains a formula.

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