OnChange-event trigger for input widget

I would like to get the OnChange event trigger for the following input widget too:
Number widget

In my use cases the change of a value (input widget) via up/down-control effects other fields (calculation results)
So it would be helpful to get this trigger also as it exists for the single select widget

Is this on your timeline/radar?

Regards Chris

Hi @ChrisF,

Thanks for the feedback. We don’t currently have implementing an “OnChange” trigger for the Number Input widget. This is an interesting idea, and I understand why it would be helpful for your use case.

Let me suggest a couple options that might help you in this situation.

  1. Implement “Up” and “Down” buttons to control the value. This will allow you to fire a trigger each time one of the buttons is pressed

  2. Checkout the Change Detector Widget in the Tulip Library. This might have the capabilities you’re looking for to help with your current use case.


Hi @AdamWarmington

The single select widget fires the trigger when changing the value, the number widget should do so when changing the value via the integrated up/down controls.
Additional Up/Down buttons are irritating because they are there twice.
And yes, the Change detector widget is the workaround I’m using.

But the functionality should be consistent over all widgets.

Regards Chris