Enter event on an input object

In every software language (web or not) that I know, you can always raise an event of enter on an input field, if this field is a simple text field or dropdown.

This is a demand I get from all over the production floor here, why is the user must push a button with the mouse (the time of moving the hand to the mouse, go to the button and click it is very precious and can be saved).

The fact that there is an event on an interactive table save lot of effort making the same commands in a button but if there would be ability to make operations by enter event on input objects, it would save much more time on run mode.

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This is something I have requested before and I agree that it would be most appreciated. Triggers on dropdowns and checkboxes would eliminate the additional step of clicking on a button just to check the input and perform other functions.

Hi @Amit @armandocapo - we agree and will look to add functionality around this in the future! I am unable to give you a specific timeline yet, however.

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I’m surprised this is missing, quite a key feature.
Being that the last message was 6 months ago, do you have any timescale for this being implemented?

Hey All-

Triggers on checkboxes, Single, and multiselects are LIVE.

Check out this post about the new features in r230-

This happened because you asked for it! Keep the ideas coming!