Auto focus on text field

I have a step that include only one text field and some labels and pictures, on run mode, the user have to click with the mouse on this field and only than he can put his data in.

What I’m suggesting here, to save the user time, on the step enter, execute a command that will put the cursor in this text field so the user will just enter his value there.

It sound like not so big issue to office user but if you are working on the production floor, for very simple users to move the mouse to this field and then entering the data, if you collect those seconds during they working day, you will see how much precious time you can save here.

So, please fix this issue.

Thank you,

Hi Amit,

Thank you for this feedback, we’ve started collecting cases for keyboard support. Any other cases you could think of that needs keyboard support?


Hi Zixuan,
As I opened another topic, a keyboard support can include this autofocus issue and raise the enter event on input objects such as text box or dropdown object, but as I said there is another topic on this exact suggestion