Focus Control for Triggers

We currently use custom widgets to achieve focus control, but the widgets must be created for each used case. Are there any goals in the roadmap to incorporate some focus control into “on step enter” triggers or on triggers for variables? We are utilizing focus control with barcode scanners, however, focus control would be greatly beneficial for items that don’t have barcodes so the operator can easily go from one entry to another without having to touch the screen.

+1 This is another way that Tulip can separate itself as the premier Low Code option specifically for operations. Being able to quickly use keystrokes to navigate an app is a lifesaver for high rate production processes.

@nicolettenaya Thanks for this suggestion!

Focus control is an area we’ve been looking at quite closely lately, so it’s very helpful to hear what is of important to you. Other things we’re currently considering is how we might enable app builders to specify tab order of input widgets within their steps as well as focus control via all triggers. Please feel free to share anything else on this topic that you would like us to consider, and stay posted for updates related to features such as this.


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Hi together,

this is not to figure out, this is already a feature and just to communicate.

The order of the widgets in the left side pane unter the step, is the tab order.
You can rename the widgets as well, to gain a better overview (in the widgets pane on the right).

The main issue with the tab order is:

  • Buttons are not focusable by tab (they have a tab index of -1 in the html)
  • Text and Variables are focusable (they are a button on the dom with no tab index) but shouldn’t
  • everything outside of the viewport is still visible and reachable by tab, so the viewport shifts…

Focus control is actually an issue, especially for inputs, that are used multiple times (typing, confirm, type, confirm…)