Tulip player cursor to Badge ID field

Today when open Tulip player, operator need to click on Badge ID field and then type their badge ID (it is two step to loggin). I will be great if automatically the cursor will be on the Badge ID field, so operator could direct type their ID.

Hey @Nicolas-

Great idea, not sure how this was missed initially, I wrote a feature request for this, and will see what I can do to get it supported in the next release of player.


Would also be nice to have this functionality available on every step (ability to default the cursor to a text/number input). Especially now that tab order is much easier to manipulate.

Hey @jboyle -

This falls into the broader bucket of “Focus Control”. There has been a bunch of discussions both internally and on the community around this in the last 3 months.

In short, we want to enable users to establish an order where elements are interacted with, so as users hit the tab, the cursor will move around in whatever order you specify. There are a few ways to approach this:

  1. Enable trigger properties in triggers, so on step enter you could set Button1.focus = true. This is more scalable because it means we could enable more features like hiding or disabling inputs from triggers, but might lack some flexibility for stuff like hitting tab driving through different fields.
  2. Make a new UI where users can set a static order of fields will be interacted with. This would probably be easier for users for simple flows but would lack the ability to branch logic and whatnot, which you could do with triggers.

Neither of these has made it into the engineering phase, so I doubt users will see this sort of functionality within the year, but we see this as one of a few areas in the product that needs focus sooner rather than later.


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How about just adding a “Move focus to” action for which you can the choose the target widget from a list?

@sebme -

That is exactly what I am proposing internally. Removes the need for a new UI for focus control, more extensible to additional widget properties, etc.


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