Tabbing through input fields

Hello Tulip team,

could you please add a possibility to set the order in which input fields and buttons are chosen when using the tab key.
Maybe a good way would be to set a numerical value on the widgets which determinate in wich order the widget ist selected. This value could be set automatically in the order in which the widgets are created and then later changed by the app programer to set the tabbing order.
This would speed up the usage of apps when a keyboard is used.


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Thanks for the suggestion Stanislaw! Do you find that there are any common patterns in the apps that you build? Ie it is usually left to right, or top to bottom in one column before starting the second column?

hey @kevin.kononenko I am adding my suggestion to this thread for apps to be tab based on widget location dependent on language, here is my thread that is relative to this thread: Tab Movement - Not Jumping Efficiently - #6 by gio

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I myself like to tab from left to right before going to the next line. Just like the reading order in englisch.
But I assume for our eg. Japanese colleagues from tob to bottom and right to left would be a better default.

But as always there are deviations, where I would like the user go in a different order.

Hi all! Just to provide some insight here, right now the tab order follows the order the widgets are added to the screen. So a fairly easy workaround for an app you’ve built could be to select the starting point and cut/paste that widget. You could then cut and paste the widgets in the order you’d like to tab through!

I agree seeing a visual indication as to what the order is would be helpful though.

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Ahh good idea for a short term solution, Grant.

Thanks for linking that, Ashley. It definitely looks like there should be a few common patterns available as options.

Additionally, there is not a “structure” for organizing input widget on normals steps yet- you need to drag and drop them into precisely the right location. I think if we added some structure like a grid where they could be added in a known and labeled place, it would be easier to define what order they should be completed in.