Tab Movement - Not Jumping Efficiently

Is there any way to edit how you can use the “tab” button on the keyboard with your app? With my current app when you click “tab” it doesn’t jump to the next object to the right, it jumps to random locations.

hello @ashchav20, pressing tab actually jumps in the order in which the Widgets were added to the App (from first to last). hopefully that helps making sense of it!!

Thanks Gio, that does make sense but it’s unfortunate that’s something you would need to keep track of when you’re designing.

yes, I agree @ashchav20 that it can be somewhat frustrating when designing Apps. however, I would like to mention that you can remove all the Widgets and re-add them in the order that you’d like to tab through them and that’ll fix the ordering.

finally, if you have a suggestion on how to improve this, our Product team would love to hear it Product suggestions - Tulip Community!!

Hey @gio , my VP just suggested, “It should be tab based on ‘widget’ location on the screen”.

Thank you for your continued support.

thanks for the update @ashchav20, that makes sense. I assume the suggestion implies a left > right, top > bottom pattern for instances set to English, is that correct??

did you see the following post that was submitted yesterday: Tabbing through input fields?? it would be great if you could could add some insight there so the Product team can evaluate this suggestion!!

Thanks @gio I’ll add this suggestion to that post.

Hi @ashchav20 I added a comment to the other thread but wanted to make sure you were aware as well. You can pretty easily cut and paste the widgets on the screen once added to manipulate the tab order. It’s not ideal, but may provide an easy workaround in the near term.

Thanks @Grant I went ahead and did that for a quick fix with some widgets.

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