Prevent Accidentally Moving Widgets

Frequently while app building, I find myself clicking on a widget to configure it, and accidentally moving it a few pixels. This is a big frustration for someone like me who tries to keep my apps clean and evenly spaced. I also have seen new users get frustrated by this and they don’t always have the ability to quickly understand and hit undo. So they spend a bunch of time trying to put the widget back in place.

I wonder if we could add like a tenth of a second delay before being able to move a widget? Open to suggestions but its a small feature which I believe would streamline app development for power users and new users alike.

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Hey Dan!

This was actually done in Release 272 - February 2024 - are you still having an issue with widgets being too sensitive or are you perhaps on an older release?

This is awesome to hear that you guys are thinking about details like this!

I can’t say that I have noticed an improvement. Playing with it now and maybe it’s a bit better. I wonder if you could raise the threshold a bit? I don’t think there is much of a downside given it is still extremely fast.

Hey Dan,

The delay is actually now set to 1/10th of a second. However, could be worth exploring slowing it down slightly more. There is a sweet spot where if we go too slow, there might be some frustration because it becomes impossible to quickly move widgets. Also, the longer the delay, the more noticeable that you started dragging and the widget hasn’t moved, and then it sort of “jumps” to catch up with you.

Something to consider with some user testing maybe @kimberly ?