Buggy grid widget

Sorry, but the grid widget is buggy and so useless.
If I try to move a column border, the whole widget will move with.

The inserted grid should be fixed and the slider only moves the column border (separator) in the wide or height.
So I can not adjust the grid and it is useless for me (costs too much nerves ;-( )

Can you fix it please?

Regards Chris
r266 Chrome

@ChrisF I’m sorry this is frustrating you! This is indeed buggy behavior and should be fixed, it is on the team’s radar to work on.

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Hi @Beth
any news?
This widget doesn’t complain with your Design Guide (I’m hoping you use one):
round configuration buttons
different color setting
awful to use (eliminating rows/columns, changing row/column width)

Regards Chris

Hi @ChrisF
Sorry to hear your frustration and I totally understand. The team acknowledges the grid widget needs to be improved. We are going to focus on improvements to widget functionality and scalability in the second half of the year so we will plan for any updates to the grid widget then.
Could you clarify what Design Guide you’re referring to?

Hi @ychan164

I have no special design guide in mind, but the design guide /style guide includes all important information from the CI and CD and defines the appearance of all elements as a standard/default.
So compare the color selection part from the grid widget and f.e. a text input widget:


different design for selecting a color, circle vs. square button to open this menu etc.pp.

at the bottom

at the top

totally different usage, icons, layout, button form (circle/square)…

So I guess this widget developer was a different :wink:

Regards Chris


I have the same issue here when I try to adjust column size. Any updates on this?


Hi Ozan, no further updates from the one @ychan164 gave above! We know it is an issue and it will be worked on this year :slight_smile:


I’m following. You were referencing the styling properties of the grid widget: looks like that is an outdated panel and indeed the widget developer was most likely different :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying.

Hi Chris,

I share your pain with the grid widget. I usually don’t use it as well.

However there ist a silly workaround for the grid size adjustment:

  • simply use left and right mouse button together, and the border will move without shifting the whole grid.

@Beth I’m pretty sure, this bug is kind of new. It used to be possible to move the borders without the whole grid.


The best workaround that I have found: Don’t use grids.

I will make a table in a separate document or spreadsheet with the text and background colors I need, then take a screen snip, paste it into Tulip, and position any input boxes or variables over the picture.

I’ve been frustrated with grids and their lack of usability since the first time I tried using them 5 years ago…