Grid Cell Color editing appears to be bugged

When I attempt to edit the background color value of a cell within a grid widget, I’ve found several issues.

When I click into the Hex color text box and begin typing the color I’d like, it instead starts adding the text into the grid cell itself. If I click the hex color entry box again, it will allow me to type the value, however the color will not apply. The only way I can find to actually apply the color to the grid cell is to click / drag to the precise color that I want.

Additionally, if I click a grid that already has a color set and attempt to view its background color to grab the color value, the correct color value does not display, instead always defaulting to #22194D.

I appear to be having a similar issue with editing grid cell text color.

Hey @richard.vaughn -

Thanks for calling this out! This is absolutely a bug. I just wrote a ticket for this one. The grid widget isn’t used super widely across the Tulip world so this must have slipped through QA testing during our last change to the color picker widget.

I will keep this thread updated as this work gets triaged.