User tab to next entry

Suggestion to have a way to setup a step with a series of operator input widgets that can be navigated by the operator simply by hitting the tab key instead of using the mouse when the step is run in the player. Currently has tab functionality but the navigation sequence cannot be modified to tab only to the input widget and not to other widgets in the step.

Having this would make some input much easier when only the keyboard entries are needed and elminating the need to move hand to the mouse.

I agree that having an easier way to modify this would be helpful. However, there is a “work around” for this. The “tabbing” will go through the step sequentially based on what you have added to the step. If you add your inputs in the order that you would like to tab through, then you can tab through the inputs. I usually set my step up without thinking about this, then I go through and select the input, cut and paste it, and move onto the next input, cut and paste… rinse and repeat until all of your inputs have been “cut and pasted” in the order that a user would tab through them.