Set focus on an input text box in app

I have a step that, except labels, variables and other stuff have only one input text box (can be type of text or number), when I’m running this step by run or test, there is no focus on any object on the screen.
I want that the focus will be automatically on this input text box so the user will not have to click on it with the mouse and than enter the data.
How can I do it ?

Thank you,
Amit Berku

hello @Amit,

does the machine that this app is running on have a keyboard attached to it?? if so, could the users press tab to move through the highlighted input??

as a note, the tabbing will occur in the order in which the inputs were added.

Hi Gio,
Yes, this station have a keyboard attached, it’s a regular pc station, I know about the tab that will work the same as you pressed on the input box with the mouse, I don’t want that, I want that when this step appears on the user screen, he will immidiatly press the value of weight or quantity there because if he have to go with the mouse or tab, it will take time, and time is critical there.
So like in other languages, is there any way to do setFocus to this input box ?

Thank you,

hello @Amit, thanks for clarifying.

it is not currently possible to define an input widget to be highlighted. this has however been requested in the past and the Product team at Tulip is aware of it, I have added information that it was requested again.

keep an eye out in Announcements - Tulip Community when it makes it into the product.

thanks again for posting.

Hi Gio,
Thank you for your quick response, I hope this issue will be solved very soon, it is very important and save time of operation down in the production floor.


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Hi Amit, thanks for sharing this! We have heard this from other Tulip users as well. Will provide an update here when we begin work on this.