Bug: r270 - station details are too small

Hi all,
in the new release r270 the station details column is to small and can not be changed (newest chrome browser)
It was ok in the release before.

Regards Chris

I actually like the new details design much better than the old one.
I’m glad the preview picture is no longer so huge and the details are collapsible.
But I would love the option to pull the divider to the left as well…

Hey @ChrisF and @thorsten.langner

Thanks for the feedback on the stations details pane, we understand how changes can affect the user experience and we are eager to hear about your experiences.

@ChrisF , you said that the station details pane is too small, could you expand on how the reduced size is affecting your use of this panel? Is there a specific situation where having a wider panel significantly helps or is it more of a preference that you got used to from the earlier version?

@thorsten.langner , super happy the organization is helping! You also mentioned that the option to expand the width of the panel would be helpful, do you also mind explaining a bit more why this feature would be valuable to you in your workflow?

For some extra context, the design decision we made here was intentional, and guided by the need for consistent side panels across our platform, a more efficient use of screen space, and setting us up for success in the future. However, we’re absolutely open to allowing that flexibility if the change is negatively affecting the user experience, also worth mentioning that the effort to add that expanding capability to the panel is very small.

Thanks so much for the feedback, and please don’t hesitate to share any other thoughts or concerns you might have,

I agree with @ChrisF here. I want to be able to see all the information about a selected station at one time, without having to scroll up and down. Which is not possible with this screen layout. It seems to defeat the purpose of this page entirely.

Hi @MaxN-C ,

sure, now (and once in the past before increasing the pane again) I can not see all assigned apps, devices etc.pp. But I see a lot of unused space in the left column (see picture from jjj).

In the live preview I can not see what they do exactly - old eyes on a 27" monitor and I need to click on the review to see more/all information for helping the station user.

So make it adjustable and store the setting and all are going to be happy. :slight_smile:

Regards Chris

I feel like I have actually more overview and less scrolling now, because the picture does not take a ton of space.
To see the details on the picture, I can click it and I’m totally happy with it.

I’m also happy to have the station count on the top left (finally!).

I agree, there is a lot of unused space on the left.
My thoughts here are:

  • why not putting the Display device and the full operator name in the rows (and make them searchable)
  • this makes the Details pane shifted far to the right (out of sight). Especially when you work with 4k monitors or multiple monitors…
  • maybe add the ...menu tu the rows as well to move the stations without navigating in the details…

Here a screenshot from a 4k monitor, where you can see the distribution of content:

And here the same thing on a 1080p for comparison

This shows there is a difference in “what is the best layout” :wink:

I actually thought about a two column design to use the unused space more, shift the weight more towards the center and lighten it a bit.

This is only to demonstrate my idea with a sketch, not a well developed concept:

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Hey everyone, love the discussion here!

Based on previous user research sessions we’ve conducted we found that about three quarters of people have a screen resolution of 1920x1080 or smaller, which has informed how we approach UI scale/size in general in the platform, since its trickier to design for a smaller screen then a larger one. That being said we definitely recognize that the UI is not optimized for larger resolutions. Since an expandable (or “widen-able”) side panel would improve the use of space on the current UI, we’ll make that change to allow for this flexibility (and follow-up here in what release that’ll be in). Again, thanks for bringing this up and providing more info!

I think it might be helpful to explain what led to this particular change just for the sake of context, in the release notes video I made I highlighted the new consistent affordances/interaction patterns in the panel, but didn’t talk as much about the hierarchy and its relation to space. The panel design before 270 was structured in this way:

What we found from users about this particular hierarchy and spacing was that it required a lot of scrolling to reach the configuration where all the information is displayed (app assignment, display device assignment, etc.). By making the preview smaller and changing the hierarchy (most used parts go higher up), we reduce the scrolling that is necessary to reach the configuration, thereby making it more of an overview of the station as a whole instead of focusing on the app preview.

@jjj not sure if you were referencing the older UI when you mentioned that you’d like to see even more stations details at once upon selection, but in the past we had this particular UI:

This UI still required scrolling (for example if you had too many app assignments), but mostly we found that this structure was not scalable, and moved to a panel UI instead. One side effect of the move away from this UI to the panel is something that @thorsten.langner mentioned, the unused space on the list. The current UI with the list of stations and white space associated with it is a great opportunity for us to present to users the most relevant information they need before selecting a specific station to view the full details/configuration. This is something that we’re currently designing, so this is a great segue into user testing! We’d love to set up a user testing session with you all individually for the stations list to establish pain points in the current UI, your goals on this page, and your expectations around the kind and way we present information on this list. So let me know if we can set up a time!

Sidenote: love that you’re getting into design now @thorsten.langner ! While this particular layout you suggested is unlikely to perform well on smaller screens, it’s a great way to think of how a “4K Tulip UI” might be structured to be more space efficient!

Thanks everyone, we’ll make that change, and hope to see you all in user testing!
Max (email: max.nobell.cluff@tulip.co)

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Hey everyone!

Wanted to give an update on this ticket, in the bi-weekly release 272, you will now be able to pull the sidepanel to the left in order to expand it (to a maximum of half the screen’s width). After expanding the panel to a width that works best for you, we’ll store that in the local storage so that if you close the panel or refresh the page, it’ll remember what you set the width to be.

As usual, please let us know what you think!


I think that’s ok (but need to wait for the update)

Regards Chris