Machine Attribute - UI improvement

Can you change the UI so the full text here is visible? 4 what…hours? days? :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback on this! Tagging @kimberly to highlight this UI suggestion for her and the team

Hi @beth @kimberly,

I want to add, that this is an overall issue, we already experienced in the Apps page before (and kind of fixed).

The design is only responsive up to a certain point. On a 4k Monitor you will still end up with a ton of white space, while the App Name is cut off…
This is a global way of how to size the components. They should always get the space they need, as long as it’s available.
Maybe you can keep that in mind when thinking of solution for this case.

This seems to apply on several areas.

E.g. the stations page could display some more information in a table like design, if space is available and hide it, if the screen is to small or a station is expanded…

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