Release 274 - March 2024

Hello Everyone

Release 274 is a big one! We’ve got new features like Input Widget data validation and the ability to create custom user roles. There are also a lot of updates to Automations, the App Editor, configurations in Settings, and several UI/UX tweaks.

View the Full 274 Release Notes Here.

Let us know your thoughts and questions below!



There are some awesome things I want to highlight and celebrate on this release! :tada:

E-signature widget

For our GxP customers, we have heard your feedback around being able to save the signing user and other signature data as variables that you can use elsewhere, and this is now possible with r274 (and will be on LTS 12)!

Thank you @DariusM, @Bianca8a, @emendoza, @ChirristopherOficial, @Jian, @Luisjaime, @Julian for making these suggestions!!

Table Query 1000 limit

We know this is a BIG one y’all have been asking for and now with r274 you now have a way to aggregate up to 100,000 records using the runAggregation Tulip API endpoint!! If you haven’t already, check out @stefan’s video demonstrating this here: Table Aggregations on whole Table / Querie limit 1000 - #28 by stefan

Thank you @thorsten.langner, @Xin, @emendoza, @RickBullotta, @ChrisF, @jas, @doneil, @jmlowden, @Technicon, @jmat, @laliaga for your continued input and feedback on this!!

Visibility of current release

@danielpomeranz had a great suggestion around Visibility to Current Release to allow users who aren’t account owners to know which version of Tulip their instance is on - this is now possible with this release as well!

Last, and definitely not least, Input Widget Validation with enable/disable buttons are here!!

There will be more form the Tulip Team on this later, but this is too big and exciting to not call out now!
Why am I so excited about this and why should you also be excited?

  • Simplify Trigger Management: Reduce the quantity and complexity of triggers to streamline app development and maintenance. Spend less time developing apps.
  • Create Dynamic Steps: Add dynamic control to apps through the enable/disable functionality of buttons, enabling greater interactivity and flexibility.
  • Less App Maintenance: Spend less time reviewing and understanding apps. Copy and paste widgets without concern for trigger implications.
    r274 input validation
    r274 enable disable buttons

Check it out and let us know what you think!!


Tons of cool big stuff in this release.

This is my favorite small land in this release -



Lots of great stuff!

Can you put a collapse all button? Like the one that collapses all the station groups on the station page. Like so…


Great to see this out, and very excited by the inclusion of disabling signatures based on validity. This update has a lot of content to review when LTS 12 comes around, but I’m looking forward to getting it in the door in a few months.

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So excited to play with all this new feature. Any date for getting in my staging instance (beta release)?


On the release, I see " In the Workspace settings , you can rename a workspace, change a workspace’s timezone settings, enable SAML logins, and disable SAML logins."
Does it means that Saml could be now setup at Worskspace level instead of Account level?
On my environnement that are in the new release version, I don’t see in Worlspace setting any SAML page. It remain at account level. Any feature flag to activate this?

Hi Nicolas and others, we made a couple wording changes to the release to reflect what was actually in r274. If you go to the “Account and Workspace Settings” of the Release Notes article, you will see the updated language that clarifies individual features as well as new Activity History events.

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Validation rule is perfect addition. Thank you.


Input validation rules are great!
However, it does show error message but it seems to let the Data source variavle to change even if the input is not following the rule.
Could you make it not to change the datasource if it is not following the rule?

Hi since a recent patch r274.5. I don’t see anymore version under “?”.
It is very usefull.
Could you check?

Hi Nicolas, we are investigating this as a bug.

@Nicolas this bug has been fixed!

Good idea to make the release version and deployment date available to app user as part of the support dropdown! Maybe it should follow the general time zone setup of the application and not just show time in UTC /+0000?