Visibility to Current Release

Hello Tulip team.

As far as I know, there is no way for users who aren’t account owners to know which version of Tulip their instance is on.

As the number of Tulip users grows at a company, I would expect the user base to slant more and more towards admins and other user roles who are developing apps but do not have full Account Owner access. These users are going to be excited about new versions being brought to their instance, but there is no way for them to check what version their instance is on. Seems like an oversight.


Hi Daniel, good news, this is coming in r274! It will be under the “Support” dropdown in the top right of the main nav.

Excellent work by the Tulip mind reading team. Thanks Kevin.

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You got it! Certainly a popular request.

This is now resolved in Release 274 - March 2024 (and LTS 12) :tada:

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