Can the tulip release version be put in a user accessible place?

Right now I think it only shows for an account owner

+1 on this. Would be immensely helpful for citizen developers and others who are responsible for supporting Tulip instances, to have the platform release version available when troubleshooting.

We are on LTS release and develop apps via classic promotion from development, through validation/staging to production system. After apps are validated and are exported/imported into a production instance we basically do not want to touch them and put them straight into production. I was wondering if the “app info” could be extended with showing a system identifier? That would make it easy when people are opening the apps in the player to quickly see which instance they are connected to.
An alternative is to add a label to the app base layout and change when moving between instances.
Do others have this challenge?

We have a similar path to push apps to production instances. One thing I think would also help is Visually indicate whether tulip player is using Development Version or Published - #2 by dan.pomeranz :slight_smile:

We also show the version in our header banner on the apps, but all qualification is done on published version which is then moved to next instance. So it was more along the lines of being able to show an instance identifier. I can of cause add a table with “Instance data” that apps should reference. It just seems superfluous with table pointers and all since “app info” already have a lot of really nice stuff.

Picture from our LTS 9 instance: