Visually indicate whether tulip player is using Development Version or Published

Something simple like a different border color of the player would be very useful. Sometimes stations are setup incorrectly and it can be very confusing to users why an app isn’t visible to them.


Hey @mellerbeck

You can add an app info display to show this information on the app.

  1. Add a variable widget
  2. Change the data source to App Info
  3. Select the “App Version” App Info



If you want to get fancier you can create on step enter triggers to change a color variable based on this App Info too.

Happy Tulip-ing!

All true, and in fact the team here did that (until they forgot :slight_smile:
A couple of lines of code to the tulip player would alleviate the confusion permanently, and for every single customer!

I made a feature request for this, PLAT-10353 for your reference.