Visual Indicator for Development Version

Hello! Is there a visual indication that can be added to indicate that the app is in the Development Version? Maybe a banner at the top of the screen? This way, there will be an obvious visual indication to both developers and users which app version is being used.

Hi @kong

you can add a Variable Widget and select “App Info” > “App Version”

If you only want to see if it is a Development Version, you could push this into a variable if its Development. But note, that this is language dependent…

Thanks @thorsten.langner!

Do you think this should be a static global feature? Creating a variable solves for this but seems quite manual for a feature that may be useful to many users.

Hello @kong,

since this variable is there by default, you just need to display it.
You can simply add it to your base layout as a template for all new applications.

What I am actually missing is a comparison if it is the latest version.
In one crucial app I added a warning if it is not the latest version. Unfortunately, I had to do some dirty workarounds for that.