Check if newest Version

While using a new bigger app in the Workshop we sometimes run into the issue that the App is not on the newest Version, so we have to call them that they restart the app if they are done.
We could do it for them under the Stations tab but then they would loose progress and need to login new, so thats not an option.

Just a Button to check if its the newest version would be nice. Or some kind of colour variable to check if its the newest.

I sounds like an easy to solve issue. If there is already a solution to this, please correct me.


Hi @Winkelbauer,

I completely agree with your issue. I would just prefer a “App Info Variable” that shows the latest Version of this app. That would allow to make a trigger with a comparison (actual version = latest version).

For now I have a workaround:
I Have A Table with App name as ID and Version as only column.
I update this value every time the App is opended and has a later version than the Table.
(Caution: Different Languages are an issue, compare only the Number)
If its not the latest, make a transition: "Close App and go to App…)

You can also add a “Close App and Go To …” instead of a regular Step transition. This minimizes the chance of using an old version drastically.

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Hi @thorsten.langner,
thanks for the answer!
Workaround sounds good, but i still think this should be in the standard. All the tables are there already. It just needs to be implemented…