Quick Trick For Almost All Use Cases -- Forcing to Latest Version

Hey everyone,

Wanted to share something which I would highly recommend for a lot of production set ups. A lot of times when stations sit idle for a while and then returns to Tulip, operators will be using older versions of Tulip apps. Historically, users have had to regularly restart apps to get over this or train operators to always restart apps. But a few months ago this one small feature gave us a great way to simplify this and prevent people from using out of date versions. By using App Info → Most Recent Published Version we can now run checks to see if an app is out of date.

One bullet proof way to do this is to add a trigger like this on your base layout “On Step Enter” or “Timer” triggers. This way operators will not be able to proceed in any step of your app without triggering the refresh.

There are obviously a few different ways you can enforce something like this. And maybe you don’t always want to for work which is in progress. But hopefully this example helps. Its really annoying and confusing when operators are running on three different versions of an app. This feature helps prevent that and its quite flexible depending on your different reasons for needing to refresh.


Quick question… since when or which LTS this option was available? I’m just curious…

Hi Edgar, the ability to access most recent published version from app info was released in r261 which is available on LTS 11