Make LTS number and release number information more accessible

Hello everyone.

I recently needed to know which LTS number a Tulip instance was. The only information I could find was the version number, and only in the settings page. I was able to deduce LTS number indirectly but this was inconvenient.

Do you think it would be a good idea to:

  • display LTS number next to the version/release number?
  • display this information on other pages than only in the settings?


Hi Fabien, thank you for sharing this. With r274 and LTS12, there will be 2 changes here. Will this solve your problem?

  1. Release number will be exposed for all users in the Support menu
  2. The Release number will be an LTS version when your instance is on an LTS

Hi Kevin,

That’s perfect; it solves it all to me.


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