LTS 12 - April 2024

:rotating_light: LTS 12 is now available to LTS Customers!! :rotating_light:

LTS 12, the latest version of Tulip, introduces improvements to help users make faster decisions on the frontlines, closely monitor their operations, and build apps faster, all while ensuring compliance with new GxP-Ready features.

To get all the details of this jam packed release, check out the release notes in Knowledge Base here: LTS 12 Release - April 2024

Some of my favorite things in LTS 12:

  • Input Widget Validation (so powerful for making forms, and way less triggers!)
  • Universal template in analytics (seamless analysis building!)
  • Stations API (streamlines station deployment, onboarding, and workflow integration!)
  • Custom use roles (get the exact level of access needed for each user type!)
  • Automations beta (build triggers that run in the background using simple, visual logic!)

Can you tell Iā€™m excited?? :nerd_face:

What are you most excited for in LTS 12? Let us know below!

About LTS Releases:

Every 6 months, Tulip releases a new Long-Term Support (LTS) version of the platform for Enterprise organizations in regulated industries to validate before rolling into production. If you would like to upgrade your instance to LTS 12, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

For Tulip customers who are not subscribed to an LTS cycle, these features have rolled out biweekly, in our usual platform releases.

See the latest release notes ā†’