LTS 7 - February 2022

These are the product updates in the Long Term Support Release 7 of the Tulip platform.

LTS 7 is available now.

To read more about Tulip’s GxP capabilities, visit the support article here.

Who’s Impacted

These updates will be available for accounts that have elected to upgrade every 6 months with Long Term Releases, rather than the regular biweekly release. This is more common for Tulip customers in the life sciences, aerospace, defense, and other regulated industries.

If an organization does not utilize LTS with Tulip, then these features have already been rolled out regularly over the past few months.

What’s New

Near 0-RPO for Mission Critical Data

Minimize the risk of lost mission-critical data, such as for eBR and eDHR, with Tulip’s innovative approach to zero RPO, leveraging the best of containerization and the cloud.

Leveraging its multi-tenant cloud architecture, Tulip has developed a unique way of achieving minimal data loss and rapid recovery. Duplicate databases in multiple availability zones and incremental backups speed up the restoration of operations and make point-in-time recovery possible.

This feature is available to Tulip Enterprise GxP customers and is compatible with Tulip Public Cloud and Tulip Customer Cloud. Please contact your Tulip representative with any questions.

Display Device Management

For Tulip customers with dozens to hundreds of tablets, computers, headsets all with Tulip Player, the new Display Devices page menu makes it easy to create and manage display devices in your operation.


Learn more about the new Display Device Management page.

With the new Display Device Management page, you can also assign apps to specific groups of stations. This allows Tulip administrators to control which devices display which apps, preventing operators from using the incorrect app or version of an app.

Learn more about Station Group App Assignments.

You can now disable auto-updates on Tulip Player to prevent potential disruptions or messages that may be confusing for operators. Please contact your Tulip representative to learn more.

New GxP Apps

The Tulip Library features several new downloadable apps and app suites including Security Incident Management, and Digital Systems Access Management, and Weigh and Dispense.

And More

Additional updates include CSV import, SMS for AWS Customer Cloud, as well as storing images in tables. Tulip customers can view a full list of updates and improvements for LTS 7 in the Release Notes section of the Tulip Docs.

If you are interested in LTS releases or seeing how Tulip can be implemented in your industry, you can get in touch with us today.