LTS 6 - September 2021

These are the product updates in the Long Term Support Release 6 of the Tulip platform.

LTS 6 is available now.

To read more about Tulip’s GxP capabilities, visit the support article here.

Who’s Impacted

These updates will be available for accounts that have elected to upgrade every 6 months with Long Term Releases, rather than the regular biweekly release. This is more common for Tulip customers in the life sciences, aerospace, defense, and other regulated industries.

If an organization does not utilize LTS with Tulip, then these features have already been rolled out regularly over the past few months.

What’s New


Introducing Workspaces, a powerful new set of local and global controls to make it easier to scale with Tulip across multiple locations and teams.

In this initial launch, Workspaces comes with global and local settings menus to enable you to centralize branding and user access. Resources like Connectors can be standardized and deployed globally to different sites, while apps and data can be managed locally at each facility.

Users can be assigned to multiple workspaces, and their roles can be easily changed as needed. In addition, several new User roles have been added to Tulip, including Station Operator, App Approver, and App Builder.

Learn more about workspaces →

Vision Capabilities

Previously introduced in LTS 5, Tulip’s Vision capabilities enable engineers to augment and improve their operations with easy-to-configure computer vision detectors.

LTS 6 brings new and improved vision capabilities to Tulip, making it even easier to guide, measure, and improve your operations.

Some of these features are in beta, and not widely available.

Contact for questions.

Machine Monitoring

Updates to machine monitoring in LTS improve the quality of the user experience when adding and managing machines or data. Machine activity fields, data sources, and machine types all have had improvements to stability and functionality.

Record History Widget

The Record History Widget has been updated to show deletions of all types and will have improved formatting when displaying long text.

Changes to Complete App Then Logout Current User transition

Previously, the Complete App Then Logout Current User trigger would restart an app and log the current user out. LTS 6 changes that behavior to function as expected, completing an app and logging out the current user. This change may impact some apps.

For questions please contact

Tulip Tables

For expansive datasets, Tulip Tables can now support up to 200 columns per table.

Tulip API

The Tulip API has been updated with new filter options like isIn, updatedAt, createdAt. The Tables API can now increment and decrement table record columns as well with a new endpoint.

Image Input Widget

The Image Input widget has been added to regular steps. Previously only available in Form Steps, this input enables image source options from a camera, upload, or both. This replaces the existing Camera Input in the Input menu. The Camera Input previously allowed only a camera as an image source option.

Tulip’s Node-RED nodes

Tulip’s Node-RED nodes were officially released in the Node-RED library. Previously, Tulip nodes were only available through Node-RED onboard Edge MC. Edge MC will continue to come with the Tulip Node-RED nodes onboard.

Learn more about the Node-RED and Tulip here.

New content in the Tulip Library

The Tulip Library is a set of apps, app suites, or connectors, that can be added to your account and used out of the box. Each app comes with an installation guide and a video describing how the app works and what it can be used for. New and updated apps and app suites include CAPA Management, Advanced Logbook Template, Digital Systems Access Management, and Quality Event.

Learn More

The full list of release notes can be found here on Tulip Community (releases 206 - 214) or in Tulip’s GxP documentation for more information on exact changes.

If you are interested in LTS releases or seeing how Tulip can be implemented in your industry, you can get in touch with us today.