Release 209 - June 2021

These are the product updates in release 209.

Release 209 will be available for some customers on 06/15/2021 and will be live to all production customers on 06/20/2021.

Image Input replaces Camera Input

The Image Input option has been added to regular steps. Previously only available in form steps, this input enables image source options from a camera, upload, or both. This replaces the existing Camera Input in the Input menu. The Camera Input previously allowed only a camera as an image source option.

Improvements to the date picker

The Date Picker now accepts custom formats. With this, the Date Picker will be able to parse European date formatting more consistently, from manual user inputs.

In addition, an issue with the date picker causing failures has been resolved.

More Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved a memory leak issue
  • Exporting .CSV files of table analyses from shared links does not fail
  • Table links in the Trigger Editor no longer allows users to select archived fields
  • Invalid options for dynamic analysis filters have been removed
  • Empty Station Groups appear in the Station menu on the Shop Floor page
  • Users are required to select a type of variable when creating variables through input widgets
  • Entering a negative number into a table filter input no longer returns an error
  • Oauth configuration modal can now configure how Client ID and Client Secret are sent for refresh token requests
  • Deletions always appear in Record History Widget
  • Deleting static options when editing select inputs does not delete the last element
  • Only one machine can be assigned to a single station
  • Resolved trigger issue when selecting rows in Interactive Table Widgets
  • Color variable defaults apply correctly

why such decision ?__

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Resolved a memory leak issue

Is this on the platform or player side? we’ve discovered a memory leak issue with our players


hey Dan, thanks for posting. our apologies for not clarifying, but there were actually two memory leaks that were fixed, affecting both the Player and the App Builder. have you already communicated the memory leak you found in the Player with Support??