Release 208 - June 2021

These are the product updates in release 208.

Release 208 will be available for some customers on 06/02/2021 and will be live to all production customers on 06/06/2021.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Updated Tulip logo and favicon
  • Camera widget works without variables
  • Exporting CSV table analyses functions properly
  • Players should no longer show a white screen if the internet disconnects
  • Machine state change app triggers work for machine variables
  • “Any Attribute” machine triggers ignore State Change Events
  • Tables API allows dropping of all record for tables with links
  • Vertical scrolling on shareable dashboards behaves properly
  • Logging out in GxP mode does not trigger a failed attempt to report a completion
  • Created records from the Tulip API no longer show as deleted users in the Record History Widget