Save signing user from Signature Widget in a variable

Hi Tulip Team,
Currently with the Signature Widget we cannot store information about who is signing, i.e. which user is signing/approving certain information. Therefore we make this requirement:

  • The User information that is filled with the Signature Widget can be saved in a variable in order to show this information in the History Record, since it is a regulatory requirement to have the record of who is signing.

Thank you!
Bianca Ochoa

@matt.dumouchel I would like to support this feature request for future releases. hopefully this can achieved soon.



Yes, this widget would be more fun if return like Name, email, badge id , etc. useful information.


Hi Tulip Team

Great feature request, I would also add that for the signature to be applied/signed the widget should comply with the conditions established if any of course.
Right now you can sign or at least the signees information is shown after signing with credentials even when conditions are not fulfilled.



Hi Tulip team.

I agree with what Bianca mentions, this feature will really leverage other features.


Hi @Bianca8a @emendoza @ChirristopherOficial @Jian @Luisjaime - Thank you for this valuable feedback!

As someone who worked in med device manufacturing previously, I completely understand the importance of having a record of who has signed off on a process step/inspection. I will make sure the product team hears this feedback and will get back to you with any updates on when we might be able to address this concern.

This is now resolved in Release 274 - March 2024 (and LTS 12) :tada: