Option to save the Signature data (user,name, date) in a Tulip table

I would like to have an option to save the Signature data (username, name, datetime) when the signature is performed. Currently I have noticed it can be saved with Save All App Data but it can be reused.

The reason for this is that sometimes you need to reuse this data in a separate App or report which would need to display data about signature
Equipment Selection — Signed By ---- Datetime

I think a ref to signature location would also be an important field for this

Thank you Darius,

For your use-cases, were you thinking about the signature manifestation only (username, name, datetime, meaning) or additionally all the data that was signed for?

Only the signature manifestation data. For me signing for a field it does not make too much sense. I am signing for the content of that step.
Related to this, I wonder if the pop-up window of the signature widget could be resized and moved along the screen so I can see the content of the step.

Moveable, resizable popups in general will be an awesome feature to have. Even in the devel environment, how nice would it be to move the trigger or variable modal. Or dock them somewhere.