Signer of signature step as variable

Hi Tulip Team,

I am trying to use the signature step and specified that it needs a signature by another person than the operator executing the app. Now i want to save whoever signed into a table record or variable in the app.

Overall, it would be great to be able to have more freedom in the design of the signature step or be able to use the signature field as a widget in other steps.

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Hey @Julian -

Sorry about the delay - our GxP expert was out last week and I didn’t want to answer this one without consulting him.

Right now signatures can be stored to tables, but there is a feature request for this feature.

As a little big of context. A vast majority of customers using signature widgets are using them in an environment where immutability of data is critical (the ability to edit the signature retroactively is not ok). Because of this requirement they rely more extensively on completions, where signatures can be stored longterm. There isn’t currently a mechanism to have a table field that isn’t editable retroactively.

We recently released a new eSig widget to enterprise customers that means you can include a signature in a non-signature step. This enables a lot of the flexibility in formatting you are talking about, but doesn’t address storing that signature to a table, yet.

Hope this helps,

This is now resolved in Release 274 - March 2024 (and LTS 12) :tada: