Signature Collection for Mobile

One process that is common in manufacturing is that of the mail room. Lots of packages get delivered and then routed through the plant. The people who order those packages have to sign off that they have been received. It would be nice if like signing on a mobile phone after you make a credit card payment, you could do the same thing in a tulip mobile app and then be able to store that signature in a table.

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Hi everyone, I was also looking at how to store a signature in a table and I bumped into this topic. Did anyone find a workaround ? (my only idea so far is to ask the user to select by himself his name in a dropdown list) Thanks by advance ! :slight_smile:

hello @pte!! have you tried using a Signature Step to store the data in a Table Record??

for example, this Trigger:

would create a record in the Table as so, with the User stored in the User field:

and seen as it’s a signature step, you can define who can complete and store the Table Record:

is this what you’d like to build?? let us know!!

yes Gio that’s exactly what I was thinking of,
However, I need 2 signatures : logged-user will be one (operator) and a second one from supervisor. Now both signature form are in one app. With the method above I will need to split the app in 2 to be able to extract the name of 2 signers.
I will think about it ! :slight_smile:

got it @pte.

seen as a Table can have multiple User Fields, you should be able to build the solution you’re looking to implement without any issues. let us know when you’ve built this, would be great if you could share it!!