Get signer (≠logged-in user) in a table

Hello everyone,

Currently we can’t keep a signature in a table. So when the signer is the one running the app the workaround is to keep the logged in user name and the time stamp in 2 different fields in a table.

However, when the signer is not the logged-in user we cannot store this user information. Does anyone have a nice workaround in that case ?
It might be a product suggestion as well :slight_smile:

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Should I copy this post to the product suggestion category ?

hello @pte,

yes, I think it would be best as a Product Suggestion as the Variable for signer (if it’s is not the logged in user) is not currently accessible. I have just moved it over from you, and you can expect someone from the Product Team to provide an update soon. thanks for posting!!

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Hi @pte Thanks for the suggestion. We are brainstorming some improvements to eSignatures and will take this use case into account!

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