Extract data completion - retrieve signature data

in one of the steps made, I have a signature input

I can find the signature in the completion tab , but the question is, how can I use this data, I would like to extract the signee name for example and save it in a placeholder with a trigger for example

have you any idea how can i do that ?

and thank you very much


Hi there, thank you for the question! We actually have an open product request for the ability to save the signing user as a variable, and you can vote on the Community suggestion here Save signing user from Signature Widget in a variable . (Voting for these product suggestions does influence priority of what our Product Team works on!)

You can also see signature data in the Record History Widget - which is used for GxP applications. Using the Record History Widget to View Changes to Table Records

In the meantime, if you are able to share more about your use case, we can maybe brainstorm some other ways to get the data you need!

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