Enhancements to Signature Widget

Hi Team,

We’re using the Signature widget in certain apps, as I’d imagine many GxP customers are, and we’ve noticed some opportunities for improvement.

  1. It would be great if we could fire triggers upon clicking the “sign” button, not just upon completion of a signature. This could be used to validate/verify data before the user signs it as a safeguard or to execute other actions as needed. Without this, it is currently possible for a user to execute a signature without a table record loaded and/or null values in variables, which can lead to confusion and unexpected app behavior.

  2. It would also be great to have the ability to customize look+feel of the signature widget. As it stands, the widget can stand out from the rest of our app design in a way that is not beneficial.

As an alternative to this, I could envision a scenario where “Execute Signature” is an action that could be used in any button trigger, with display of the Signature having a separate dedicated widget. That would enable us to get the best of both worlds, though it may make firing a trigger upon signature completion more challenging to implement elegantly.

Hey Dan,

Thanks for this feedback! We actually have had a number of product suggestions around the signature widget. I am going to link them here to help consolidate and also raise the priority of the request.

[Add "On Start" trigger event for Signature widget]

[Customising the electronic signature widget - #2 by ASharp-J]

[Signature widget]

[Electronic Signature Widget]

I will also check internally to see if I can get a better understanding of if this is being addressed already!

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