Customising the electronic signature widget

In our ongoing development with Tulip, one shortcoming found (and there haven’t been many!) is the lack of customisation of the electronic-signature widget.

As a use case, we have an app to have users ‘verify’ a record by either approving or rejecting with a signature - though we could use a boolean checkbox to first have them approve or reject and then sign, it’s much nicer an experience to have two buttons for either option, such as this:

Unfortunately that widget has no real customisation options - even being able to set a colour would be useful. Is there any possibilities for such functionality?

Even the ability to trigger an electronic-signature through a standard button would get you around this problem…

Please let me know if this isn’t clear or if I’m missing anything here :slight_smile:

I completely agree with Mark Stuttard on this topic!
Integrating the new signature widget is not so smooth both from an aesthetic point of view (it would be nice to adapt into color scheme and/or change color based on variable), but also ensuring that data is complete before the signature pop up is shown.

If there e.g. were triggers available “when signature button is clicked” we could institute a check that all data is complete prior to showing the end user the signature pop up and running the trigger.


We haven’t changed our design yet to accommodate LTS10, but unless the widget is changed we would need to make separate step - similar to the “Signature Form” steps - where data is presented and signature widget is included. Then we implement the check on the trigger allowing user to move to data presentation step.

I hope it makes sense :slight_smile:


It could really help us as well to have a field check prior to completing a signature. We need to be creative with the current solution which costs dearly on simplicity and UI friendliness.



I’m totally on board with you, ASharp-J on this one. Customizing the electronic signature widget would be a massive upgrade, making it much more user-friendly and seamlessly integrated into our workflow. :raised_hands:


Thank you everyone for chiming in here! I will make sure the product team receives this great feedback on the eSig widget

Is there a way to clear the signature field after a signature has been entered?