Electronic Signature GxP Need: Intra-Signature Triggers

Another enhancement to the electronic signature widget (in addition to pre-conditions, pre-signature triggers, etc.), would be to enable a “signature status” that is only populated TRUE if the signature is valid, but is also associated with the signature in the record history.

Currently I can change this status after the signature is performed via signature widget trigger, but this change isn’t signed for, it just is. I also wouldn’t want to change this status before the signature is applied to the data, as I am using the signature status as a means to reference whether the updated data is approved and usable, which it isn’t until the signature is applied.

This could be seen as having pre-signature triggers, intra-signature triggers, and post-signature triggers. The intra-signature trigger results should also show in the preview of what the user is signing for, but should not actually execute unless the signature is completed.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Jim! (and for linking the related suggestions on e-signatures as well, that is really helpful) - I will make sure this feedback gets to the team.


We’ve just released a new feature that should help with this. You can now enable/disable Buttons and Signature widgets based on the validity of the input widgets on the step.

Check out the Knowledge Base article for all the details on how to implement: [Data Validation with Input Widgets]

It not the fully trigger functionality you detailed in you post, so let us know what you think, and if this helps.



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