Add "On Start" trigger event for Signature widget

Reposting from reply to Release 232 - July 2022 - #9 by DariusM, feature request is add an “On Start” trigger event for Signature widget

@DariusM -

Can you provide a little more context around where you would use this trigger action? I can’t think of a case where I might use this trigger type.


Hi Pete,

In an GxP environment, let’s say you need to validate the fields on a step before someone is trying to sign. Currently the widget allows you to sign ahead for validation the data.
Let’s say I have 3-4 inputs (text, dropdown selection, number) and I want to make sure that the person does not enter the signature until data is entered in the inputs fields.

Another scenario which might happen in GxP area, let’s say you need two signatures ( Operator, Verifier) which have to be strictly enforced. Currently the widget does not allow me to enforce the order. I can sign with the Verifier ahead of the Operator. I know a workaround might be to add them to separate steps but then if I have 10 steps which requires multiple signatures then I will need 20 steps to be build.

I hope it makes sense,

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Hey @DariusM -

Thanks for the added context. These both totally make sense! We have a feature request in-flight for this functionality! Sounds like you know the go-to workarounds I would use in the meantime (adding a separate step to segment the signatures, doing the conditional checks on a button, etc.) but I am happy to throw together examples for those if you have any pressing needs you dont have a workaround for until this feature ships.