Enable Electronic Signature Functionality for In-App Users Table Updates So eSignature Shows In Record History

Currently, changes to the Users Table can be made within an app, and the electronic signature widget can be used in-app to sign for these changes, but only the changes, and NOT the signature, appear in the record history for the Users Table.

Specifically for the use case of updating custom user permission fields related to GxP applications (e.g. Qualification Status enabling access to certain apps), the signature aspect in the audit trail would be a simplified means of tracking approval of changes to the Users Table.

The workaround for this I am developing is to have a Tulip Table logging app-generated changes to the Users Table, to be populated in parallel with a summary of the Users Table Changes, and capture of the approval signature.

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Got it, Jim! Also, don’t forget to vote for your own suggestions :slight_smile:

Hey @jmlowden I just tested this and if I’m understanding your request correctly, this is working for me.

See below the record history for a record in the users table with a signature for that change.

Can you double check if that aligns with what you have in mind?

@jmlowden I know we talked about this a while back in office hours, I wonder if we missed something on the configuration of your eSig widget (or its entirely possible this is a LTS 8.2 thing :wink: )

But, do you have the datasource on the eSig selected to be the User table?